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Al-Barakani arrives in Mocha after failed assassination attempt in Aden

MOCHA, Dec. 02 (YPA) – The UAE has prevented Sultan al-Barakani, a leader in the  General People’s Congress (GPC), from returning to Yemen’s southern port city of Aden.

According to political sources,  Al-Barakani and a number of deputies affiliated with the coalition arrived on Thursday in the city of Mocha, west of Taiz province.

Sources pointed out that the return of Al-Barakani to Mocha comes after receiving threats of physical liquidation and within the framework of the UAE-Saudi conflict, as well as the latter’s tendency to play a military role  from the western coast against the  UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) in the city of Aden, in addition to participating in commemorating the occasion of murdering  former President Ali Affash, which Tariq Affash plans to hold in Mocha.

The same sources pointed out that the Saudi moves seek to isolate the “STC” militia in Lahj, through the new brigades and Al-Amliqa forces led by Hamdi Shukri Al-Subaihi, after Riyadh worked during the last period to recruit thousands of the sons of Al-Subaiha and Radfan, in addition to recruiting three brigades from the sons of Dhalea within the forces affiliated with Tariq Affash.

Military observers see the arrival of “Al-Barkani” as a first step to declare Mocha the headquarters of officials in the coalition-backed government and the UAE’s tendency to consolidate separation and tear Yemen apart, after the people of Hadramout call for “independent state.”

Last May, al-Barakani was subjected to an assassination attempt while he was in Al-Ma’ashiq Palace in Aden, after which he was transferred to Cairo and then to Germany amid accusations against the STC of poisoning Al-Barakani through a bottle of water.