YEMEN Press Agency

Defections hit STC’s presidency

HADRAMOUT, Nov. 26 (YPA) – The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s admitted that defections hit its ranks after Saudi Arabia targeted its entity and presence in the city of Aden, neutralizing its forces and replacing them with Tariq Saleh’s forces.


Hadramout militia leader Abdullah Mubarak al-Ghaithi said in a post on Twitter: “The Southern Transitional Council, Hadi’s wing, and Ali Nasser Mohammed are in the process of formation.”


“This wing will be joined by 5 to 8 members of the current STC leadership,” he added.

The STC leader accused Islah of assassinating STC leaders, similar to the assassination operations against    the Socialist Party leaders after reunification of Yemen by Ali Abdullah Saleh and Islah party.

“After the formation of the Presidential Leadership Council, the military elements of the transitional will be subjected to physical liquidation operations in the name of “al-Qaeda” and “ISIS”, which is a duplicate of what the Socialist Party officers were subjected to after reunification of Yemen at the hands of Ali Abdullah Saleh’s services,” he claimed.