YEMEN Press Agency

President Al-Mashat stresses importance to work on developing curriculum

SANAA, Nov. 23 (YPA) – President of Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, stressed the importance to work on developing curriculum to keep pace with scientific developments, including the humanities, by linking science, knowledge and disciplines with development needs.

This came during the open of the first national conference for the development of curricula and diversification of educational paths.

Al-Mashat affirmed that the conference came after eight years of the US-backed brutal Saudi aggression coalition against the Yemeni people, whose main goals were to destroy the educational process, schools, and suspend teachers’ salaries.

Al-Mashat said that the Yemeni people, during 8 years of war, has provided the most brilliant examples of cooperation and solidarity between the people and the state.

“Teachers have continued their role in education, and citizens played their supporting role to prove to everyone that education is a shared responsibility between the state and the citizen,” he praised.

President went to say, “We cannot achieve political independence, economic independence, and independence in our reality as a nation, if do not make cultural and intellectual independence.”

“The enemies focus on targeting the younger generation and youth, as they are the nation’s present and future and the pillar of its strength,” said Al-Mashat, indicating that part of this war is keen to change the curricula in line with the American and Zionist mood.

Mr. President stressed that holding scientific conferences has an impact on developing curricula and serving the educational process, noting that the need for a national committee to accommodate these and other efforts within a comprehensive vision that achieves the desired goals.