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Military researcher reveals significances of ‘Al-Dabba Second Operation’ in Hadramout

HADRAMOUT, Nov. 22 (YPA) – A military researcher reveals timing and significances of the attack carried out by Sanaa armed forces to prevent a European ship from looting nearly two million barrels of Yemeni crude oil through the port of Al-Dhaba in Hadramout Governorate, eastern Yemen.

Abdullah bin Amer, a military and political researcher in the history of Yemen, said: “Al-Dabba Second Operation came in conjunction with the visit of the US ambassador to Aden and  after the conclusion of the Manama dialogue, the annual platform to present “Israel” within a regional coalition that sees Yemen as a threat that must be confronted.”

Bin Amer stressed that all these moves did not affect Sanaa’s decision to continue protecting oil wealth.

He stated that Sanaa monitored the ship’s entry into the port of Al-Dhaba, despite the coalition countries taking complex measures to secure the ship’s entry and protect it to loot nearly 2 million barrels, noting that it was dealt with appropriately and forced the ship to leave outside the territorial waters.

Bin Amer pointed out that Sana’a forces carried out the previous warning operation in the port of Al-Nashima “Qana” in Shabwa governorate, while the US ambassador was in Hadramout, wondering about the secret of the timing in the implementation of “Al- Dabba Second Operation”  during the presence of the US ambassador in Aden.

“Is it just a coincidence .. And what does that indicate?” he asked.

On October 21, Sanaa forces carried out the operation to prevent the looting of Yemeni crude oil from the Al-Dhabba oil port in Hadramout, demanding the return of revenues to all Yemeni people and the payment of salaries of employees since the end of 2016.