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Hadrami Uprising declares war on Islah militants in Hadramout

HADRAMOUT, Nov. 13 (YPA) – A leadership of the “Hadrami Uprising” funded by UAE said it is prepared to set the zero hour in declaring war on the Islah party-run First Military Region” brigades in Wadi Hadramout.

Local sources affirmed that the leadership had held a number of tribal and political meetings as part of the ongoing preparations and arrangements with the Wadi’s tribes in preparation for the announcement of the “second” edition of the Uprising.

The sources explained that “Al Kathir” tribe in Wadi Hadramout announced its support for the calls of the “Hadrami Uprising” of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council, during its meeting in “Al-Radoud” area, in order to liberate the Wadi from Islah militants.

The sheikhs of the Al Kathir tribe called on the sons of Hadramout to renounce violence in all its forms and stand against all attempts to disrupt the interest of the province, and to criminalize acts of violence and sabotage carried out by the militants.

In the meeting, the leader of the Hadrami Uprising, Hassan al-Jabri, indicated that the people of Hadramout have been very patient with the practices of the forces of the First Military Region, calling on the tribes to mobilize energies and focus efforts to expel the Islah forces.

On Saturday, the so-called Hadramout Shield Brigade announced its joining and support for the leadership of the Hadrami Uprising, after the spokesman’s Uprising, Mari al-Tamimi, threatened to expel Islah militants from the districts of Wadi.

The preparations of the Hadrami Uprising in the Wadi coincided with the Emirates training about 30,000 militants in the camps of the “Second Military Region” in Mukalla city, in preparation for launching a battle to expel Al-Islah militants from the province.