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Security forces arrest man accused of murdering Dirham Numan al-Hakimi in Sanaa

SANAA, Oct. 17 (YPA) – Police in the capital, Sanaa, were able to arrest a man accused of murdering Dirham Numan al-Hakimi, the former Yemeni ambassador to Ethiopia on Sunday night.

“Thanks to God, security forces in the capital, were able to arrest the accused of committing the murder of Dirham Numan al-Hakimi,” Spokesman for the Ministry of Interior in Sanaa, Brigadier General Abdul Khaliq Al-Ajr said in a statement ”

The arrest took place few hours after the incident in Haddad district.

Major General Dirham Numan has held a number of military and civilian positions, including Ambassador of Yemen to Ethiopia and President of the Aden Free Zone.