YEMEN Press Agency

150 displaced families returned to their homes in Bayda

BAYDA, Oct. 15 (YPA) – About 150 families from Burkan area in  Mukayras district, Bayda province, have returned to their homes after being displaced for years due to the war, director of Mukayras District, Yasser Jahlan, said during his reception of executive leaders and social figures of returning families.

During the reception  on Friday,  he affirmed the leader of the revolution and the Supreme Political Council’s concern and interest of conditions of the displaced, and work to bring them back to their areas and provide their needs

Jahlan further affirmed the position of the people and tribes of Mukayras in confronting the aggression and its mercenaries till the homeland is liberated from invaders and occupiers.

In turn, the people of the Burkan region expressed their gratitude to the leader of the revolution, the Supreme Political Council, the leadership of the governorate and all those who contributed in facilitating their return and protecting  their homes and properties throughout the period of their displacement.