YEMEN Press Agency

  Report: Yemen army offensive hits Saudi royal targets, kills, injures 53 Saudi troops over 24 hours


SANAA, June 25 (YPA) – The Yemen Army launched an offensive, including missile, artillery and snipping attacks, targeted royal sites in the deep of Saudi Arabia and inflicted Saudi troop heavy losses in lives and equipment during the past 24 hours, according to military reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Monday.



·        In Saudi capital of Riyadh:

The missile force fired ballistic missiles, Borkan, to information center of Saudi Defense Ministry and other vital royal targets.


·        In Yemen’s western coast:

A military vehicle was destroyed by an explosive device in Faza area, killing all its crew.

A military vehicle and an armored were destroyed in the main road of Faza.


·        In Saudi border province of Najran:

The army waged an offensive on Saudi Mostahdath site beyond Raqabat-Haleq, killing, wounding Saudi soldiers and destroying three military vehicles.

Artillery shells targeted gatherings of Saudi-backed militiamen in front of Khadhra border crossing.

Two militiamen were sniped in Ramlia hill.


·        In Jizan border province:

The army repelled a militiamen’s infiltration, supported by 11 airstrikes, in front of Qais mount, inflicting the militiamen heavy losses in lives and equipment.


Artillery force of the army shelled gatherings of Saudi soldiers in Khafaqa and Abadiah sites, causing direct casualties.

A militiaman was shot dead in Noa’man site.

·        In border province of Asir:

Missile and artillery shells were fired toward militiamen’ gatherings in front of Alb border crossing and west of Majaza, causing direct casualties.

Four of Saudi-backed militiamen were sniped in Majaza.

Eight of Saudi-backed Sudanese soldiers were killed and injured.

·        In Yemen’s Jawf province

Engineering unit of the army destroyed two military vehicles of Saudi-backed militiamen by explosive devices in Sabrain front of Khub-washaaf district, killing all who were on board.

·        Sniper unit of the army killed and injured 53 of Saudi-backed militiamen in Asir, Bayda, Taiz, Serwah, Nehm and western coast fronts.



Sameera Hassn