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UAE occupation forces regain control of Socotra Island softly

SANAA, June 25 (YPA)- The United Arab of Emirates (UAE) occupation forces commenced and adopted a new style to enable its forces to occupy Socotra Island and annex it to the rest of its Emirates.

Informed sources revealed to Yemen Press Agency (YPA) the UAE occupation has decided to grant citizens of Socotra a temporary stay in its territory which is based on a resolution granting the nationalities of a number of countries a one-year stay.

The sources confirmed that the UAE’s authorities didn’t officially announce this decision, so as not to expose its plan. ”

The inclusion of the citizens of Socotra in the asylum list of the UAE, while the other Yemeni citizens of in the others provinces are not granted such merits, this confirms their ambitions, sources added.

The sources said that the UAE occupation move is to conciliate the citizens of the Island in order to shut up and be satisfied their presence on the island, and to win as many of the citizens of Socotra as possible to its rank in preparation for a coup against Bin Dagher’s authorities.

Earlier, The UAE cabinet decided to grant citizens of some countries suffering from wars and disasters one year stay, in order to improve their living conditions and to be able to return to their countries.

In the past few days, the UAE’s authorities refused to grant the one year stay to a large number of Yemenis except for Socotra’s sons.