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Saudi court sentences social activist to 18 years in prison

SANAA, Aug. 30 (YPA) – A Saudi court has sentenced the social activist, “Mohamed Al-Jeda’i”, to 18 years in prison.

The human rights organization, Dawn, said that “Al-Jeda’i” has been detained since the beginning of April 2020, when he was the victim of a campaign of arrests, which included political activists, advocates, and activists on social media.

The organization did not mention the charges brought against “Al-Jeda’i”.

The ruling on “Al-Jeda’i” came in continuation of the rulings issued by the Saudi courts recently, the latest of which was the ruling on the activist “Salma Al-Shehab” to 34 years, and the preacher and imam of the Grand Mosque, “Saleh Al Talib” with 10 years in prison.