YEMEN Press Agency

President stresses on Yemeni tribes’ role in confronting aggression

SANAA, June 24 (YPA) – President Mahdi al-Mashat on Sunday stressed the importance of the Yemeni tribes’ role in encountering the aggression coalition and foiling its schemes.

During his meeting with Head of the Tribal Cohesion Council, Sheikh Dhaifuallah Rassam, the president hailed the tribesmen’s sacrifices in the combat fronts since the beginning of the aggression.

The president underlined the importance of continuing to supply the fronts with fighters and gear, especially in light of the recent escalation by the aggression forces in the western coast and in other fronts.

The meeting dealt with the aspects related to strengthening the internal front cohesion and the role of the tribe in this regard, especially in the current situation experienced by the country due to the aggression escalation.