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Coalition forces kidnap media photographer in Marib

MARIB, Aug. 25 (YPA) – Coalition forces kidnapped on Thursday a media photographer in the city of Marib, which is under the control of Islah militants.

According to media sources, Islah security gunmen kidnapped the cameraman and TV director who worked with the coalition, Emad al-Sabri, and took him to one of their prisons in the city.

The sources explained that the photographer Al-Sabri, who is one of the coalition’s wounded, was kidnapped from one of the areas during the process of filming some scenes, according to a post on social networking sites, to the photographer’s friend, Ibrahim al-Thifani.

Al-Thifani pointed out that the photographer Al-Sabri was insulted and abused, according to eyewitnesses who were present in the area.