YEMEN Press Agency

Shura Council condemns recent Zionist aggression on Gaza Strip

SANAA, Aug. 06 (YPA) – The Shura Council strongly condemned on Saturday the brutal aggression launched by the Zionist entity on residential neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip, leaving dozens of martyrs and wounded.

In a statement issued today, the Council expressed its condolences to the Islamic Jihad movement and to all the Palestinian people for the martyrdom of the Mujahid commander in Al-Quds Brigades, Taysir Al-Jabari, and all the martyrs who fell during the Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip.

The statement stressed that the right of response for the Islamic resistance factions in Gaza is guaranteed in all divine laws and international covenants, calling on the Palestinian factions to unite in confronting the aggression of the Zionist occupation and deterring its crimes, which will not be subject to statute of limitations.

The Council said that had it not been for the silence of the Arab regimes and their complicity with this usurping racist entity, the suffering of the Palestine people would not have continued to this day.

It considered the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip an extension of the previous aggression against the Strip and one of the results of Biden’s recent visit aimed at targeting the resistance of the US-Zionist arrogance in all its forms in the region.

The statement called on the Yemeni people and all Arab and Islamic peoples to express their anger and condemnation of these Zionist practices and condemn all attempts at normalization by some Arab governments to integrate this usurper entity in the region.