YEMEN Press Agency

UAE hammers final nail in coffin of “elderly Yemeni Gen.”

SANAA, June 23 (YPA) – The UAE’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed continues to pressure the elderly Yemeni Maj. Gen. Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, known for his loyalty to Saudi Arabia and Islah Party, in order to get rid of his allies inside Yemen, according to sources close to bin Zayed.

The latest of these pressures is the UAE attempt to force al-Ahmar to dismiss the Brotherhood leading member Sadiq Sarhan, commander of the 22nd Mechanized Brigade in Taiz front, southwest Yemen.

Observers see that by this move the UAE leadership will hammer the final nail in al-Ahmar’s coffin.

They did not rule out the possibility of eliminating al-Ahmar easily by any forces after the UAE could get rid of his local allies.