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Sanaa: May 22 team wins the title of the 3rd International Handball Week 2022

SANAA, Jul. 23 (YPA) – The May 22 team won the handball refresher tournament organized by the General Federation of the game to celebrate the third International Handball Week, and on the occasion of the founding of the International Handball Federation on July 12, 1946.

The tournament was held during the period 20-23 of this month, with the participation of Al-Ahly Sanaa clubs, Al-Wahda Sanaa, Tihama Youth – May 22.

The May 22 handball team won the title after they overcame Al-Ahly Sanaa with a score of 19/7, in which the team of May 22 had the advantage during the two halves, in the match that took place in the closed hall of Al-Ahly Sanaa.

The Sawan youth team came in third place after beating Al-Wahda Sanaa with a big score of 16/3.

Following the two matches, the guests of the tournament, Assistant Undersecretary for the Sports Sector Hussain Al-Khoulani, Assistant Undersecretary for HR Affairs Essam Al-Qusos, the President of the General Handball Federation, Mr. Amin al Mudaeai, and Secretary-General Hamza Saleh honored the champions of the tournament as follows:

The first place:  May 22nd team – Cup + Cash prize.

The second place: Ahli Sanaa – Cup + Cash prize.

The Third place: Shabab Sawan – Cash prize.

The final day of the championship was managed by the referees (Iskandar Al-Obei Saha – Ibrahim Al-Dhafri Mikati – Adel Qahza, registered – Ahmed Al-Abi).