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Military tension breaks out between LNG plant’s leaders, UAE



SANAA, June 23 (YPA) –  A military tension between the commander of the protection of Balhaf Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant and the leadership of the UAE forces operating broke out in Shabwa province, a local sources told Yemen Press Agency on Saturday.

the military tension in  Balhaf,  located 150 km from the capital of Shabwa, has between the company’s protection, Khaled al-Azmi and the Emiratis, reaching an unprecedented level..

It is located in the Belhaf region, the largest Yemeni facility to export liquefied natural gas, through the main pipeline from Marib to the Arabian Sea.

The source, who preferred not to be named, said that  al-Azmi refused orders and instructions from UAE officers several times, prompting them to send a loyal commander to carry out the orders he rejected.

Al-azmi received a threat from the UAE by targeting him through warplanes, which led to more tension between them, before intervening mediation for his release, to calm the situation, the source said.


Sameera Hassn