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UN is playing dodgy, contradictory role in Yemen war

SANAA, June 21 (YPA) – The dodgy and contradictory role being played by the United Nations confirms the fact that the major objective of the war on Yemen is to control the land and human beings.

Those arguments and pretexts adopted by the United Nations under the pressure of the US, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are nothing but falsehoods.

They are just temporary slogans and proposals for entertaining the international community and for distracting the public opinion from the daily crimes and massacres being committed on the Yemeni territory.

The last of those arguments that the United Nations claimed and promoted on a global scale is that 80% of the needs of Yemeni people enter through the port of Hodeidah, by which it gives the coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE new justifications for occupying other Yemeni cities in addition to those they occupied in south of Yemen.

Although the United Nations has not adopted any neutral and binding initiative for all parties to stop the war and to enter immediately and without conditions in real negotiations under its supervision over two years ago, it did not stop leaking some proposals to Sanaa authorities and the National Salvation Government, even temporarily, which aimed only to make new concessions.

As Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi has revealed recently that Sanaa authorities approved to grant the United Nations a supervisory, technical and logistical role on the port of Hodeidah and on its revenues, but the United Nations does not have the decision of peace or war.

“We welcomed a supervisory, technical and logistical role of the United Nations on the port of Hodeidah, but they are liars, they just made baseless justifications”, Sayyed al-Houthi said on Wednesday in a speech to the nation aired by al-Masira TV.