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UAE sends leader “Abu Al-Abbas” to open front in Taiz

TAIZ, June. 21 (YPA) – The UAE sent on Tuesday the leader “Abu Al-Abbas” to open a front and control the Islah Party-held sites in city of Taiz.

Local sources affirmed that the UAE’s Salafi leader, Adel Abdo Farea Al-Dhabhani, known as “Abu Al-Abbas”, has returned to the city of Taiz, with armed groups to the areas under the control of Islah, after the withdrawal of his gunmen in April 2019 to the western coast.

The sources stated that pushing Abu al-Abbas”, into the depths of the city of Taiz by the UAE forces came within the framework of controlling the Islah’s sites and camps that it controlled during the past four years.

“Abu al-Abbas” is trying to return his extremist Salafist elements to the eastern areas of the city of Taiz and to expand towards the internal depth of the city, taking advantage of the chaos and security chaos in those areas that Islah militants control.

This comes after Islah Party refused the deployment of UAE-funded Tariq Afash’s forces in the sites and camps located in the countryside of Taiz, especially Al-Hajariya and Al-Ma’afer areas, which were seized by the militants of the leader Hammoud Al-Mikhlafi, following the assassination of the commander of the “35th Brigade”, affiliated with the UAE, Adnan Al-Hammadi, in early December 2019, in his hometown, and liquidation of a number of brigade commanders.