YEMEN Press Agency

“Dixum Company” demands citizens in Socotra to pay electricity bills in UAE dirhams

SOCOTRA, Jun. 16 (YPA) – The Emirati company, “Dixom Power”, has asked the citizens of Socotra Island, southern Yemen, to pay their electricity bills in Emirati dirhams, away from the Yemeni currency.

A bill issued by the Emirates electricity company revealed that it demanded the Yemeni Electricity Corporation in Socotra to pay the consumption bill at a value of 501 dirhams, including 207 dirhams in previous arrears, warning it to cut off electricity from the corporation and impose a fine.

Through the so-called “Khalifa Foundation”, the UAE looted the generators of the Yemeni Electricity Corporation in Hadibo city, some of which were granted by the Sultanate of Oman, after its militias took control of the city in June 2019, and moved six other electric generators with cables feeding the generators from the old power station in Hadibo to the Dixam area.

The Emirati company, run by the Iraqi, Yasser Al-Ani, imposed an amount of 100,000 Yemeni riyals as fees on the counters of shops and residential homes in 2020.

The company replaced the Yemeni meters with its electronic ones, and imposed an amount of 225,000 Yemeni riyals per meter in August 2021 on the homes and shops of citizens.

The UAE imposed its military control over the Socotra archipelago, far from the military confrontations in 2016, under the pretext of humanitarian actions by the “Khalifa Foundation”, the UAE intelligence arm, and the recruitment of many forces.