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Woman in her thirties gives birth to triplets in Sanaa

SANAA, Jun. 16 (YPA) – A thirty-year-old woman at Al-Sabeen Hospital for Maternity and Childhood in the capital, Sanaa, on Thursday gave birth to triplets by caesarean section, in a case that was repeated for the second time in less than two weeks.

The obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Marina Al-Hakimi, head of the team that performed the operation, explained that the mother and the three newborns are in good health and their condition is stable.

She pointed out that this was the first birth of the mother, Zohour Al-Bahri, from Sanaa province, who arrived at the hospital in a difficult birth, which necessitated a successful caesarean section.

In turn, the director of the hospital, Dr. Magda Al-Khatib, explained that the birth of the three twins is the second within two weeks, praising the medical team that performed the caesarean section.