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Fisheries Ministry condemns coalition’s criminal acts against Yemeni fishermen

SANAA, May 22 (YPA) – The Ministry of Fisheries in the National Salvation Government on Sunday condemned the criminal acts carried out by the Saudi-led coalition forces against Yemeni fishermen.

The Ministry of Fisheries said in a statement that the coalition forces kidnapped, last Friday, Yemeni fishermen off the islands of Zuqar and Hunish while they were practicing their fishing activity in Yemeni territorial waters.

The Ministry called on the United Nations, the Security Council, and international organizations and bodies working on the humanitarian side to take a responsible stance towards this crime, and the previous crimes against fishermen, and to hold the perpetrators accountable, as they are war crimes against humanity.

The statement affirmed the fishermen’s right to practice their work and their only source of livelihood by fishing in Yemeni territorial waters.

In its statement, the Ministry held the United Nations and its organizations responsible for the continued silence and inaction towards the terrorist acts committed by the coalition countries against Yemeni fishermen.