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UK’s arms companies profited from humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen: Andrew Smith

SANAA, June 20 (YPA) – The British government has a special responsibility for the destruction and bombings of the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen, British Ceasefire Magazine reported.

It said that Since the Saudi-led military campaign began the UK has licensed over £4.6 billion worth of arms to the Saudi regime. It is almost certain that these weapons are being used right now in Hodeida.

This came in an article by Andrew Smith entitled “The UK government is complicit in a humanitarian catastrophe”.

Andrew Smith indicated that the arms sales were completed during Saudi crown Visit to London with a full political support.

Smith continued Saying: “We were all told what a progressive force he supposedly is, with far less being said about the appalling human rights abuses that are carried out against Saudi people every day, or the war he has overseen.”

He added the visit was celebrated by BAE Systems and the other arms companies that have profited from the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen.

“The rampant hypocrisy and callous doublespeak of the government’s appalling position were made even clearer this week, when the Middle East Minister, Alistair Burt, stressed that “only a political solution can bring long-term stability to Yemen – there is no military solution,” he said.

He criticized Alistair Burt’s remarks, saying it sounds like a fine sentiment, but one that is totally at odds with a foreign policy that has only fuelled and prolonged the war.

The writer concluded his article by saying that” the history books will show that Ministers like Burt, and governments like the UK, have enabled the suffering. Now they must do everything they can to stop it.