YEMEN Press Agency

Despite its losses, coalition insists to continue in Hodeidah battle

SANAA, June 19 (YPA) – Despite the losses suffered by its troops in Yemen’s western coast, Saudi-led coalition’s command renewed on Tuesday its insistence to continue the battle of Hodeidah until “achieving its objectives.”

This insistence was met with a confirmation by Sanaa authorities to adhere to the confrontation until the end, especially as the field facts became clearer than ever before that the control is for the army and the popular committees.

The coalition forces are still at a standstill at the southern and western entrances to Hodeidah airport without being able to bypass them, at a time the Yemeni army fighters cut off their supply lines from south to north of the coastline.

On Monday, Sanaa authorities seemed more reassured to the field situation, while the UN envoy, Martin Griffiths, left the capital Sanaa without getting any concessions that the coalition wished, such as the approval of “Ansarullah movement” to withdraw from Hodeidah without a fight.