YEMEN Press Agency

Israeli occupation launches airstrikes on Gaza Strip

GAZA, April 21 (YPA) – Israeli occupation warplanes launched airstrikes on several targets in Gaza strip early on Thursday after rocket sirens sounded in the Sderot area of the Zionist entity’s south.

Zionist warplanes hit targets in Gaza’s central province, with Palestinian media reporting that a site in the area was hit by 10 Israeli missiles.

The heavy bombardment caused no casualties but led to damage in the houses, according to Palestinian media, which added that air defenses belonging to Palestinian Resistance confronted the aggression.

Israeli media reported on Wednesday night that the red alert warning was given to Sderot and the surrounding settlements in the Gaza envelope.

It was the second rocket fired from Gaza at the occupied territories since Monday.

The occupation military only confirmed that a rocket was launched from the coastal enclave, without explaining why the Iron Dome air defense system was not activated to intercept it.