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Dozens of Foreign, Arab soldiers killed in Yemen’s western coast

SANAA, June 18 (YPA) – Russian news agency ” Sputnik International” has reported that there are leaks for 12 US, 8 Israelis, 50 UAE and 30 Saudi soldiers were killed in the Yemeni army ‘s missile attack on  the UAE warship off the coast of Hodeidah.

The leaks came in Sputnik’s short dialogue with Abdul-Ella al-Azzi , who is the brigadier in the Yemeni forces.

The agency said The military escalation on the Yemen’s Red Sea port city of Hodeidah has come after the leaks in the killing of the soldiers in the UAE war ship was targeted by the Yemeni army missile forces.

Sputnik said that the brigadier al-Azzi revealed the French ship participating along with coalition to attack on Yemen and its territorial waters, was captured by the Yemeni army.