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Defense Minister threatens Saudi-UAE coalition with fires of Yemeni hell

SANAA, March 24 (YPA) – Minister of Defense in Sanaa, Major General Mohammed Nasser Al-Atefi, threatened Saudi Arabia and the UAE with the fires of Yemeni hell.

Major General Al-Atifi confirmed in a statement on Thursday during an event organized by the Medical Services Department on the National Day of Steadfastness, that the 8th year of Steadfastness would be the year of Yemen’s hurricanes, and a renewed springboard for more excellence and success in the quality military industries in all fields.

“The countries of the Saudi-Emirati coalition on Yemen will not be immune from the upper hand of the missile and air forces,” he said.

The minister pointed out that the coalition and its tools would be on a date with the Yemeni fires of hell in the depths of its countries, and on various fronts at the hands of the heroes of the army and popular forces.

Al-Atefi affirmed that Yemen has not been the aggressor and has a legitimate right for defending of land, honor, dignity and sovereignty.

“Saudi Arabia did not stop the bitter gains of defeats in every fronts that the coalition tried to escalate for achieving victory here or there, until the situation in the coalition has reached the stage of stagnation and collapse in all interior fronts, the border or at the level of the Saudi and Emirati depths,” the minister explained.

He stressed that with the coalition’s failures, it did not have the courage to announce its defeat and withdraw from the Republic of Yemen, but it recently has gone to maneuver in the economic and political front, tighten the siege on all outlets, in failed attempt to make a new conspiracy against Yemen, which they called a dialogue in Riyadh.

The minister went on to say: “What the coalition is doing from imposing a suffocating land, sea and air blockade on our Yemeni people, is the work of pirates and a flagrant violation and international norms, human values and human rights.”

“It is a moral responsibility that the United Nations and its organizations that have been held hostage to dirty petrodollars have breached,” Al-Atefi added.