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The Guardian: UK’s complicity in war on Yemen is shame

SANAA, June 18 (YPA) – The UK  has to bear responsibility for the Saudi-led coalition attack on the city of Hodeidah, the Guardian Newspaper said in its editorial on Monday.

“They are conducting this war with British, American and French-made weapons, the newspaper said. They’re conducting it with Western military training and advice, British and US officers have been in the command room for airstrikes, and this weekend Le Figaro alleged that there are French special forces on the ground in Yemen.

They are conducting it with diplomatic shelter from the west. On Friday, the UK and US blocked a Swedish drive for a UN Security Council statement demanding a ceasefire, the Guardian said.

The Newspaper added that “that Now the excuses for our role in Yemen’s misery have fallen away entirely. The assault on Hodeidah by the Saudi-Emirati-led coalition can only deepen the world’s worst humanitarian crisis; 70% of the country’s imports pass through the port. Britain and France urged Saudi Arabia not to launch the attack, but the UK has now “said its piece”.

The assault appears to be an attempt to pre-empt the presentation of a peace plan by the UN envoy Martin Griffiths, who had previously warned that an attack on Hodeidah could “take peace off the table in a single stroke”, according to the Guardian Newspaper.