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Israeli settlers attack Palestinian in Negev

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, March 21 (YPA) – A group of Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian bus driver in Rahat town in the occupied Negev, on Sunday evening, and tried to burn his vehicle while he was inside it.

According to the Palestinian Information Center, the coordinator of the Higher Steering Committee for Arabs of the Negev, Juma’a Al-Zabarqa, reported that 4 Jews got out of a vehicle and intercepted the bus driven by Salah Abu Zayed, 48 years old, and sprayed tear gas directly in his face; which caused him shortness of breath.

Al-Zabarqa said: “The driver told us that the Jews were speaking in Hebrew and telling each other that they would burn the bus with the driver inside, but fortunately for him there was a passenger with him, and they left him when they saw this passenger.”

He confirmed that the occupation police tried to pressure the bus driver in the hospital to close the file.