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Rejecting normalization, Kuwaiti delegation withdraws from scientific conference in Bahrain

MANAMA, March 05 (YPA) – A Kuwaiti academic delegation has withdrew from participating in a conference at the State University of Bahrain, in protest against the presence of an Israeli delegation.

On Friday, the Kuwaiti “Youth for Al-Quds” Association said via Twitter: “They invite us to visit our usurped land, which was occupied by their criminal entity. Then they call them academic and scientific meetings.”

“The delegation of Kuwait universities withdraws from a lecture given by an Israeli from Tel Aviv University, which is being held at the University of Bahrain,” the association added.

It continued, “Greetings to the delegation, and normalization is treason, it was and will remain.”

Head of the “Youth for Al-Quds” association in Kuwait, Musab Al-Mutawa, said “the withdrawal of the Kuwaiti academic delegation confirms Kuwait’s clear official position towards rejecting normalization with the Israeli occupation entity in all its forms.”

Al-Mutawa added that this position “has become one of the weapons that constitute a stinging in the throat of the occupying Israeli entity, and a pressure card and harm to it.”