YEMEN Press Agency

UAE kidnaps tribal sheikh in Socotra

SOCOTRA, March 03 (YPA) – The UAE-backed militia have kidnapped one of sheikhs and dignitaries of the Socotra Island, southern Yemen, human rights sources reported on Thursday.

The sources said that the so-called “development committee” of the Emirati Khalifa Foundation in Qalansiya and Abdul-Kuri district ordered the arresting of Sheikh Hassan Al-Qaisi after he refused unclear tasks carried out by the foundation on the island.

During the past hours, members of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) militia funded by the UAE took Al-Qaisi to one of its secret prisons on the island, according to the sources.

This comes after the UAE established watchtowers in several populated areas of Socotra and the heights overlooking the coast of the island, and provided them with advanced digital spy cameras that extend more than four kilometers.