YEMEN Press Agency

Report: Army kills, injures dozens of Saudi troops, destroys vehicles on 24 hours


SANAA, June 17 (YPA) – The Yemen Army killed and wounded dozens of Saudi soldiers and their militiamen and destroyed armored and military vehicles in unique military offensive operations during 24 hours, according to military reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Sunday.


·        In Yemen’s western coast:

The army cut off the coalition force supply lines from Jah, Faza and Durihimi points.

The army Air Force carried out a qualitative operation by launching a number of raids on Saudi-backed militiamen after an intelligence operation and accurate monitoring.

Dozens of militiamen were killed and wounded and a number of armored and military vehicles were destroyed  in the targeting of the air force.

More than 13 armored and military vehicles were destroyed in the clashes of Faza.

The army’s military operations are continuing in Nakhilah, Shujira and Deryhmi , destroying two armored vehicles and four military vehicles.

·        In Jizan border province:

Artillery and missile shelling targeted Saudi army’s artillery fortifications in Qais mount and Siaba camp.

Saudi army’s gatherings were targeted in Arar center of Qais mount.

The army waged an offensive on militiamen’ sites in Malahidh, killing and wounding dozens.

Artillery shells were fired toward Saudi soldiers’ gathering in Khafagah site.

·        In Taiz province:

Dozens of militiamen were killed and injured by artillery shelling hit their sites in Selw front.


·        Sniper unit of the army shot dead 40 Saudi-backed militiamen in the frontlines.