YEMEN Press Agency

Two Zionist soldiers injured during armed clashes in Jenin

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, March 01 (YPA) – Two Israeli occupation soldiers were injured during an armed clash in early Monday in Jenin, while the Palestinian “Jenin Brigade” mourned the martyr Abdullah al-Hossari was shot dead in a confrontation that erupted in Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank.

“If the Zionist enemy believes that we are asleep and oblivious to our camp, it is the most important illusion and what happened to it today is a great proof of the vigilance and anticipation of our mujahedeen, ” Jenin Brigade spokesman Abu Moath  said.

“Despite our wounds and injuries that have afflicted us and our people in our steadfast jenin camp, we assure you that al-Hossari is coming and the enemy knows exactly what we are talking about and what the martyr mujahideen Abdullah did to them,” he added.