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Hamas: Bennett’s visit to Bahrain is a miserable attempt to legitimize occupation

GAZA, Feb. 15 (YPA) – The Palestinian resistance movement “Hamas” on Tuesday considered the visit of the Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, to the Kingdom of Bahrain “a miserable attempt to legitimize the occupation of the Palestinian territories.”

“The visit is deplorable and does not reflect the pulse of the Bahraini street that rejects normalization with Israel,” Shehab News Agency quoted Hamas spokesman Abdullatif al-Qanou as saying.

Al-Qanou stressed that “The Israeli occupation is the real terrorism in the region, and the normalization processes it is carrying out here and there cannot achieve safety for it.”

On Monday evening, Bennett arrived in Manama on the first official visit by the Israeli Prime Minister to Bahrain, which along with the UAE are the first two Gulf countries to normalize their relations with Israel, via US mediation, in September 2020.