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Israeli Minister: “We are ready to support UAE, Saudi Arabia against Houthis”

OCCUPIED QUDS, Feb. 15 (YPA) – The Israeli occupation entity’s Minister of Intelligence, Elazar Stern, has affirmed his country’s support for the UAE and Saudi Arabia in the face of “the Houthi threats”.

On the eve of his visit to the UAE, Stern said, in an interview with the Saudi “Elaph” website: “We will support the UAE to confront the Houthi (Ansarullah) attacks from Yemen.”

He added that Israel is ready to help Saudi Arabia “if it wants to,” pointing out that there are secret relations with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, without further detailing this issue.

Stern continued, “The Emiratis are our friends and allies, and of course, we will help them and provide them with support. We have a peace agreement with them (the UAE), it is true that there is no joint defense agreement, but we will provide them with everything necessary, and peace means joint cooperation in all fields.”

He made it clear that Israel would share with the UAE the information and the technology it possesses to confront such threats.

Regarding cooperation with Saudi Arabia, Stern said, “I hope that there will be cooperation with them as well as with the Kuwaitis.”

Although the occupation entity and Saudi Arabia do not have official diplomatic relations, the relations between them have strengthened in recent years.