YEMEN Press Agency

US military ‘angry’ at Biden administration over Afghanistan waithdrawal

SANAA, Feb. 10 (YPA) – Many of US armed forces commanders and soldiers  are outraged by president Joe Biden’s administration over the way the United States withdrew from Afghanistan, leaving the door open for the Taliban’s easy dominance of the country.

A number of US military commanders say senior White House and State Department officials have “failed” to understand the Taliban’s steady progress in the Afghan capital, the Washington Post reported.

The military said officials resisted efforts to prepare for the evacuation of Afghan embassy personnel and allies weeks before Kabul fell to the Taliban (which is under UN sanctions for terrorist activity), which they believe put U.S. forces tasked with carrying out the withdrawal at “greater risk.”

The paper, quoting a 2,000-page army survey report, stating that soldiers and marines assigned to secure Kabul International Airport made “life or death decisions” every day, as thousands gathered at the airport in the hope of fleeing the country.