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Yemen prays for the child Rayan… While it dies!!

SANAA, Feb. 06 (YPA) – Every life deserves to be sacrificed to save it from death. For three days, the world held its breath in sympathy with the Moroccan child “Rayan”, who was stuck inside a well in rural Morocco.

There is no doubt that the exit of the child Rayan intact from the well will please everyone.

There are a lot of children in the world caught up in one way or another in tragedies not very different from the story of the child Rayan.

In most cases, the media leads the eyes of humanity to specific issues and inflames the feelings and sympathy of the world according to specific requirements.

Yemenis have many tragic stories of children who had perished under bombing, starvation, and disease.

Some stories about the mother of the children of Yemen have been identified, but they have not succeeded in opening the international blindness towards what is happening, while there are still many painful stories in the hearts of mothers and fathers, whom the international media does not care about.

With much sadness and sympathy for the child stuck in the well of Morocco, Yemenis recalled many stories in which they lost their children, during the war that Yemen has suffered for the seventh year in a row at the hands of the US-backed Saudi-led coalition.

Despite all the suffering of the people of Yemen, from war and starvation, Yemenis are still able to carry a lot of sympathy for humanity wherever it is.

No one has yet been able to convince Saudi Arabia and the UAE that they have committed crimes in Yemen that are far greater than the goals they seek to achieve in the country.

Nor was anyone able to convince the international media that overlooking the tragedies left by the coalition in Yemen, created thousands of stories for children whose lives are no less important than any child in the world.

Behind the statistics and figures issued by international organizations in Yemen, there are a lot of children who died under the rubble of homes targeted by the coalition air raids, and others whose bodies were blown away along with the dolls they were cuddling with, while others died after being unable to obtain their right to medicine and food.

There is a blockade taking place outside the standards of international law, preventing food, medicine, and fuel from reaching the citizens of Yemen, in addition to indiscriminate airstrikes that resulted in “war crimes” according to the report of the United Nations Panel of Experts on the Investigation of Human Rights Violations in the country. It is the panel that was suspended last October from continuing to work under Saudi pressure, which Washington supported in an implicit manner.

As described by the United Nations since 2016, people are dying in Yemen from preventable man-made causes.