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Over 1,400 deceived in coalition camps in Hodeida returned to row of homeland in 2021

HODEIDA, Jan. 20 (YPA) – The official of returnees’ affairs in the Fifth Military Region, Brigadier General Riad Salah Balthi, on Thursday revealed that 1,436 returnees have returned to the row of homeland during the year 2021 after leaving the Saudi-led coalition camps.

Balthi renewed the call for those involved in treason to return to their senses, return to their families and relatives, to rid themselves of the humiliation of mercenarism and betrayal, and to seize the opportunity of a general amnesty before it is too late.

He pointed out that, during the past few days, the third phase of the campaign to communicate with those involved in the ranks of the coalition was launched through central meetings in the province center and districts.

Lists of those involved from each district with a number of forms were delivered to be distributed to the parents of the deceived to communicate with their sons to advise them to return to the homeland row and benefit from the general amnesty decision, Balthi explained.