YEMEN Press Agency

Military experts, equipment on board US warship arrive in Mahrah

MAHRAH, Dec. 22 (YPA) – A US warship arrived Wednesday at Al-Ghaydah airport in Mahrah province in eastern Yemen.

This was reported by Yemen Press Agency, based  on the testimonies of  well-informed sources reported.

According to the sources, the battleship carrying a number of American experts and soldiers arrived on the shores of the airport overlooking the Arabian Sea and unloaded military equipment to the airport campus.

This comes after the sheikh Hamid Zabanout,  the chairman of the sit-in committee in the district of Shahan, revealed at the end of October the arrival of British troops at al-Ghaydah airport and establishment of military barracks inside the airport.

Saudi occupation forces took over from Al-Ghaydah airport, which overlooks the Arabian Sea, as a joint military base for US-British-Israeli forces.