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Sudan’s Sovereignty Council denies military participation in elections

KHARTOUM, Dec. 06 (YPA) – The office of the head of the Sovereign Council in Sudan denied what was reported by the French news agency about the participation of the military in the upcoming elections.

And the agency had quoted Lieutenant-General Abdel-Fattah Abdel-Rahman Al-Burhan as saying, “The upcoming elections will be open to all forces that participated in the transitional phase, including the military.”

The office of the President of the Sovereignty Council stressed that the French Agency had reported a hadith that was different and contradictory to what Al-Burhan had said, and the office noted that the speech was recorded audio. He pointed out that Al-Burhan clearly affirmed, without any doubt, that the participation of the military in the upcoming elections is not possible, according to the text of the constitutional document.

In an interview with the agency, Al-Burhan stated that the Juba Agreement gave some parties a kind of exception regarding participation in the upcoming elections and the organs of power, in reference to the armed movements. However, the proof did not refer to any institutions affiliated to the army or state institutions.