YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition-backed military commander assassinated in Yemen’s  Western Coast


HODEIDAH, June 12 (YPA) – A coalition-backed leader of the so-called second Tuhami brigade, Ahmed Ghunaim, was assassinated on Tuesday while leaving the camp of Abu Musa al-Ash’ari in Khokha district southwest of the Western Coast, local source told Yemen Press Agency.


The source added that sharp disputes broke out between the Tuhami brigades, which belonging to Islah party, the Western Coast and between the  militiamen loyal to UAE-backed General Tareq Salah, a nephew of slain former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, and that there is a tendency to liquidate Tuhami leaders and excluded them from the battles in the Western Coast.

This is the second assassination which targeted  the leaders of the so-called Tuhami brigades, in the early May, the leader of the Islah Party, Hassan Dubla, one of the most prominent Tuhami leaders loyal to the coalition with an explosive device was planted in his military armored vehicle belonging, claimed his life and five of his companions.


Sameera Hassn