YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition wages 24 airstrikes on several provinces

PROVINCES, Nov. 04 (YPA) – The US-backed Saudi-led coalition warplanes have launched a series of airstrikes targeting several areas in  Marib, Jawf, Saada and Hajjah provinces, as well as Asir region,  security officials said on Thursday night .

According to the officials, the coalition aircraft conducted 10 airstrikes on Sirwah district and eight airstrikes hit the district of al-Jubah in Marib.

In Jawf, the coalition warplanes waged an airstrike on  the district of Al-Hazm , while another airstrike hit west of Majaza area in Asir region.

The officials pointed out that the coalition also launched an airstrike on the district of Hardah in Hajjah, two airstrikes on the district of Sihar and another one on al-Dhaher district in Saada.