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Iran sends letter to Security Council, warns Israeli occupation of possible adventure

NEW YORK, Oct. 14 (YPA) – The Iranian authorities on Thursday sent a letter to the UN Security Council, warning the Israeli occupation of any possible adventure or miscalculation against Tehran, including its nuclear program.

In his letter, Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations Majid Takht Ravanchi referred to the threat of the IDF Chief of Staff that “operational plans against the Iranian nuclear program are being developed and those operations will continue to destroy Iran’s capabilities in various fields and at any time.”

Ravanchi considered, “the explicit and blatant threats by the Israeli entity against one of the founding members of the United Nations is a flagrant violation of international laws.”

He added that the Israeli threat “proves without a doubt that this entity is responsible for terrorist attacks on our peaceful nuclear program in the past.”

The Iranian delegate stressed the need to “confront this entity to stop all its threats and destructive behavior.”

He referred to the Israeli entity’s destabilizing tactics in the region as well as its covert operations against Iran’s nuclear program.