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President hails positions of Hajjah people in defending Yemen

SANAA, June 10 (YPA) – President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat on Sunday praised the positions of people of Hajjah province in defending Yemen.

“The history, as it will record positions of mercenaries and sellers of homelands in black pages, will also register the honorable and brave positions of sons of Hajjah province in defending Yemen in its brightest pages,” said the president during his meeting with Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Minister of Local Administration and Governor of Hajjah province.

In the meeting, the president referred to the big role of Hajjah people in enhancing the steadfastness and supporting the combat fronts, despite the large targeting to the province by the US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition.

He said that the needs of the province will be given a big attention by the state.

The President praised the patience of people in the province’s districts, which most of their inhabitants have been displaced by the aggression that destroyed their homes and properties in an unprecedented manner.