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Save the children organization : Attack on Hodeidah could be catastrophic, kills any Hope of Peace Talks

SANAA, June 10 (YPA)- Attack on Hodeida Could Put 170,000 Children in the Line of Fire and Kill any Hope of Peace Talks , Save the Children organization said.

According to a report combined by the organization, stated that an estimated 340,0001 people in Hodeidah, half of them children, could be forcibly displaced should the Saudi-led Coalition attack on  the vital port city.

It added that This major escalation in violence would put 170,0002 children at risk of death or injury and could cause the biggest single displacement of people since 2015, pushing Yemen towards a full-blown and entirely man-made famine. Hodeida is a densely populated city and any attack will almost certainly result in a huge loss of civilian life.

Hodeida’s children are already some of the hardest hit by the conflict. In the three districts that make up Hodeida City, more than 14,0003 children are projected to suffer from life-threatening severe acute malnutrition this year. In the event of an attack on the port and subsequent increase in displacement and decrease in food imports, the number of children dying of hunger-related causes is likely to rise.

“There’s no respite for the children of Yemen. If they aren’t being killed or maimed by bombs and shelling, then extreme hunger or diseases like cholera and diphtheria are a constant threat, the report added.

A major escalation in fighting in Hodeida to try and take the city and port will likely kill the prospect of any peace talks in the short-term and condemn the children of Yemen to yet more misery,” said Tamer Kirolos, Save the Children’s Yemen Country Director.