YEMEN Press Agency

Sanaa Airport receives minister returning from abroad

SANAA, Sept. 23 (YPA) – Member of the Supreme Political Council, Ahmed Ghaleb al-Rahwi, received on Thursday in Sanaa airport the Minister of Public Works and Roads, Ghaleb Mutlaq, after a medical trip abroad.

During the reception, Al-Rahwi considered that the United Nations’ ignoring of the suffering of Yemenis resulting from the closure of Sanaa International Airport was a clear bias of the Saudi-led coalition countries.

“The coalition forces and the United Nations have worked to obstruct the return of the Minister Mutlaq from Amman Airport to Sanaa for weeks, despite the continuation of UN flights on an almost daily basis to Sanaa airport,” Al-Rahwi said.

Al-Rahwi stressed that the practices of the coalition countries and the United Nations would not discourage the Yemeni people from steadfastness in the face of the aggression, and the liberation of all occupied lands.