YEMEN Press Agency

Yemeni army continues to control coalition militants’ sites in Jawf

JAWF, June 9 (YAP) – The Yemeni army carried out on Saturday a unique operation to control several new sites of Saudi-backed militants in Mahamisha area in Khab Washaf district of Jawf province, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

A large number of the militants backed Saudi-led coalition fell dead and wounded and many others were captured during the operation, the official said.

Earlier the day, the army repulsed an infiltration of the coalition militants towards the army’s sites in al-Ajasher desert in Khab Washaf district, killing and inuring many of them.

Snipers unit of the army shot dead 12 militants of the coalition in al-Ajasher desert, according to military sources.

On Thursday, the army announced that it purged Mazwiah front in al-Moton district of the coalition-backed militants after it carred out a series of miltary operations in Jawf.

The operations resulted in the killing of many of the coalition militants, including eight leaders.