YEMEN Press Agency

In video: Yemeni forces capture weapons with USAID logo on it during military operation in Marib

MARIB, Sept. 11 (YPA)-  Yemeni army on Saturday captured a large quantities of weapons during a military operation, in which they were able to liberate  1,200 square kilometers from the districts of Rahbah and Mahliyah, south of Marib.

The military media released video footage showing the Yemeni army forces capturing large stores of weapons with the USAID logo on them after the liberation of the two districts.

This is a major scandal for the USAID agency, which is supposed to provide assistance, not weapons.

This is the second time that Yemeni  forces have uncovered weapons provided by the US Development Agency (USAID) to pro-coalition forces, who had offered such weapons to al-Qaeda and ISIS elements after taking control of the two districts in Bayda province strongholds in central Yemen.