YEMEN Press Agency

Violent armed clashes witnessed in Taiz

TAIZ, June 9 (YPA) – Heavy clashes broke out on Saturday with heavy and medium weapons in Taiz province, a local source told Yemen Press Agency.


Heavy fighting and clashes with various heavy and medium weapons in the neighborhood of Jumhuri and 26th of September, between the security campaign led by the Muslim Brotherhood, and armed groups follow the leadership of Salafi, “Abu Abbas,” loyal to the UAE forces in Taiz.


Activists from Muslim Brotherhood party reported that the clashes were because followed a crackdown carried out by the security campaign on a number of terrorists, assassinated and masked cells in the Jumhuri district south of Taiz.

Taiz is witnessing a security breach in areas under the control of the coalition militias, from the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Salafi leadership group “Abu Abbas” in the south and east of the city of Taiz.


Sameera Hassn