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Operation 7th Deterrence is legitimate right to awaken Saudi Arabia from victory illusion

SANAA, Sept. 04 (YPA) – The Operation 7th Deterrence carried out by the Yemeni army against the Saudi oil sites is a legitimate right to awaken Saudi Arabia from illusion of achieving victory.

The successful military operation carried out by the armed forces on Saturday in the Saudi depth, with 8 Sammad 10 aircraft and 6 ballistic missile on Aramco facilities Eastern Province of Ras Tanura in Dammam region, and other areas of Jizan and Najran and Jeddah, came within the framework of the legitimate response to the crimes of the Saudi-led aggression coalition against Yemen, which various types of weapons have been used to destroy the infrastructures of the Yemeni people.

For seven years, the coalition has the strongest military arsenal and controlled a large financial and oil stock, has unable to achieve anything noteworthy on the ground. All its military attempts failed miserably in front of the heroes of the Yemeni army and popular forces, which it prompted many local politicians And military observers to wonder about the reasons for the complete impotence of the coalition and its catastrophic failure, which was inflicted on the aggression countries of by the blockaded army.

Today, Republic of Yemen is facing an enemy that is only deterred by force, hence, the Yemeni armed forces have prepared themselves for military confrontation with absolute belief in victory for defense of land, honor and national sovereignty, and the besieged and abused Yemeni people.

Now, the armed forces of the coalition’s countries are in a state of great collapse and the issue of recognizing and announcing it has become only a matter of time. They are living a kind of arrogance, and the time will come soon to admit defeat publicly to full view of the whole world.

Miscalculations that the countries of coalition relied on when we launched the war on Yemen, they thought that Yemen was an easy prey, and the issue of subjugating and controlling it in a few days, depending on a modern and large military arsenal.

Shortly after waging war, those countries began at the review of the wrong accounts; But they were too late, when the Yemeni army was able to turn the table by taking the initiative and directing painful blows to the aggression countries that have not yet recovered from the shock and cruelty of defeat.