YEMEN Press Agency

Security source reveals situation in Rahba district of Marib

MARIB, Sept. 05 (YPA) – A security source in Marib province on Saturday confirmed the return of security and stability in all areas of Rahba district, south of the province, after they were completely secured by Sanaa forces.

The source called on all the residents of Rahba district and the displaced to return to their homes and farms and practice their normal lives and not to believe the rumors spread by “the Saudi-led aggression coalition mercenaries” to intimidate the people.

He pointed out that the security services, in cooperation with the honorable people of the district, are making great efforts to secure public and private property and preserve citizens’ homes and farms.

The security source also called on the deceived people in the ranks of the aggression to seize the opportunity of the general amnesty decision and to return to the national row as good citizens with full citizenship rights.